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The architectural concept matrixX architectures has been developed by the architect Peter Stasek and represents an innovative concept for architecture projects taking into account organic shapes and natural structures. Next to the progressive materials, the digital fabrication is amongst the most important creative components. The aim of this project development is not only to illustrate the materialized finished forging but also the process of idea transformation. Thus, the information of the early development stage (invisible for every viewer) and its way to realisation via several media sources will be documented and finally presented as indispensable part of the finished design. For this purpose, AR (Augmented Reality), holographic projections for visual space and structure expansion as well as audio and video surrounding concepts will be included, amongst others. The attempt to disarm the definition of borders in terms of time and space should give every viewer the possibility to explore one’s own perception boundaries. The functional implementation of the projects is marked by an individual building and interior design and substantially contributes to the corporate identity of the company in the form of corporate architecture. The most important clients of matrixX architectures by Peter Stasek comprise multinational groups from the fields of new business development, biotechnology and lighting industry, operators of healthcare facilities, shops, shopping malls and others. Another project line is the development of facilities for renewable energies and environmentally friendly waste management. The creative main features of the projects of matrixX architectures by Peter Stasek are environmental soundness, steadiness and sustainability. The architectural projects by Peter Stasek have globally been presented on numerous architectural and design platforms and published by international publishing houses.

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Peter Stasek Architect - matrixX architectures
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