Mona Hussein

Mona Hussein is cofounder of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH); a design office specialized in interior design, Architectural design, Landscape design, and Branding, Consultancy, and Product design. MHDH is regionally recognized for individualistic design solutions that are channeled through an equilibrium between organic concepts and contemporary design. MHDH has a proved track of success for more than 20 years in Egypt and the Middle East, by working with the biggest names in the region. Mona Hussein has launched an Interior design academy called Mona Hussein Design Academy which specializes in interior design and decoration education. Through this program the design students will be fully prepared to take on active roles in the furnishing and interior design industry and by exposing them to the day-to-day work cycle. The Academy is based on three learning methods which are practical, theoretical and visual; to ensure this diverse learning facility we are working hand in hand with Egypt’s’ best brands, suppliers and manufacturers to help contribute to the development of this program, where they attend and assist with their expertise in their fields. This wholesome learning environment helps the students achieve their fullest potential, both practically and creatively.

Contact Info

Mona Hussein
SODIC Headquarter, km 38, Cairo-Alex Desert Road
P: +202 01227498221
F: +202 38571240
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