Berlin based accessory brand GRETCHEN was founded in 2006 by Anne-Christin and Michael Georg Schmitt with the wish to create timeless beautiful handbags made from the finest leathers. Anne-Christin, the creative mind behind Gretchen, grew up surrounded by leather goods of the family manufactory. A vita so closely interwoven with fine leather goods and her intuitive understanding of design reflect in her thoughtfully unconventional creations. Inspired by sculptural aesthetics and the architecture of nature, her handwriting is marked by feminine straightness and modern angles in distinguished shapes. Eclectic combinations of shiny glazed and waxed calf leathers and elaborate profile elements are signature trademarks of the Gretchen look making each Gretchen recognizable and unique and a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. Challenging the conventional Anne-Christin takes on a different angle and gives way to new concepts when designing her bags, purses, gloves and other fine leather goods. "Gretchen handbags are a tribute to women who cherish and cultivate their personal fashion style and who have an eye for the special!" - Anne-Christin Schmitt

Contact Info

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, Berlin, Germany
P: +49(0)3069596970
F: +49(0)30695969729
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