Eliana Reggiori& Adnan Al Maleh

A project manager (Eliana Reggiori) and an architect (Adnan Al Maleh), grown up in two different countries, Italy and Syria, which met and realized that have the same way to see and think. A whirlwind of ideas make them to work together. The PoLoo is one of the result of the merging culture. Different is the word that can describe them. Different background, age and experience, but their friendship make them merge all this differences in a unique bland. The projects are unconventional and cross culture. The PoLoo is an automatic toilet for dogs, an appliance that can be portable but also connected to drains of the house, boat or motorhome.. This automatic toilet helps to prevent urinary tract infections for our pets and be useful also for elderly people and disable. It can be handle like a briefcase and can be taken on trips, to the office, friend’s houses, pet hotels,etc. It’s available in three different sizes that can fit any dog size. Contacts: www.aestile.com or www.poloo.it Phone +393665370774

Contact Info

Eliana Reggiori& Adnan Al Maleh
Via Torino 209
P: +393665370774
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