Gizem Oncu

Hello! I'm Gizem I majored in industrial design in Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey in honors list. Recently, I am User Experience Designer in Garanti Teknoloji, which is a technology company in Istanbul, Turkey. Through my studio courses and several internships, I undertook design projects in various fields such as electrical appliances, furniture, outdoor, household products and graphic design, also collaborative and participatory works with international and national companies and associations. Recently, I am working as User Experience Designer in Garanti Teknoloji in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, I believe that multidisciplinary work is an essential part of design process. Being a designer requires being able to work well in a group, accept differences and make use of them.

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Gizem Oncu
Seymen Sokak Leyla Apartman─▒ 61/10
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