Marina Gurleva

In the sphere of design works since 2000. I have got the higher art and economic education in Russia. Marine participant and prize-winner of a number of the Russian and international competitions of design. Marine the designer betraying great value to such creative direction as art design of interiors in various styles. The modern view, the latest technologies, a harmonious combination of a set of the directions and a delicate taste distinguish her works. An individual approach to each client and realization of the most courageous ideas of customers: from refined notes of luxury and chic to expressional solutions of a modernist style – here that she can offer. Based on long-term professional experience and thanks to the realized skillful combination of all subtleties of art design of interiors, Marina realizes desire of the customer to live and work in beauty and a cosiness, comfort and safety. Marina derives the inspiration from participation in work of the exhibitions which are taking place visits of seminars, conferences and other actions for architecture and design in the different cities and the countries.

Contact Info

Marina Gurleva
prospekt Lenina, 31-31
P: +79049405115
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