Diego Otero Rodríguez

Born and graduated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is currently developing his career in Barcelona. Founding partner and creative director of own two advertising agencies: suigeneris and acHe, healthcare communications agency. Also teaches at the IED, European Institute of Design and the Municipal School of Art and Design in Terrassa, University Steam School. In the past he did at the University of Buenos Aires, cathedra Mendez's graduation in graphic design. Internationally-awarded in Portland, Switzerland, Milan, Luxemburg, and Moscow. Has worked for clients such as Agfa, American Nike, Barcelona Town hall, Calvin Klein, FCBarcelona, Guess, Jardiland, Samsung and Spanish Royal Tennis Federation, among others.
B2B Direct Mail 3D, lim. edit. by Diego Otero Rodríguez

Kaleidoscope B2B Direct Mail 3D, lim. edit. by Diego Otero Rodríguez A small metaphor of the lamps DRESSLIGHT Fashion Lamps (new concept that fuses light with fashion, to result in a product unique reflection of the personality owner) made with the same materials that lamps are made (covered on the outside for 50 unique designs of fabrics and stuffed with minimal parts of materials are also used in making them: chopped glass, skin, tulle, beads) Designed exclusively hand-craft in an limited edition. A gift that will allow a select high-level target selected from our bbdd of professional and act as opinion leaders among which are architects and decorators.

Event by Diego Otero Rodríguez

Big Bang Event by Diego Otero Rodríguez Approximately 4 hours of event. After receiving an invitation unknown ('An explosion of light and will lead to a new dimension of store.') more than 500 specials guests entrants to a completely dark room where a short film projected with the history of lighting but backwards, from now until the first of our days. Why? For a acoustically-equipped room for the occasion just by simulating the Big Bang that absolutely lit all the lamps he had displayed in the store, more than 1,000.

Teaser campaign by Diego Otero Rodríguez

Medieval Headphones Teaser campaign by Diego Otero Rodríguez for a new project of Livestreaming Top DJs worldwide, Lords of Clubs. Legend has it...that the heralds (fans) gave their support to the knights (lords) the night before each gig, like an entourage cheering before a tournament... showing off their white dresses, they danced to the fanfare (music) from castle to castle (clubs), living it up.

Promotional key visual by Diego Otero Rodríguez

Stone hand Promotional key visual by Diego Otero Rodríguez The challenge of creating a single image with very high-impact-level but at the same time communicate the benefits of the two possible types of massages. Think about how difficult to synthesize both worlds in one single image, reflecting the attributes of the service according to the customer need. Well, mission done: two complementary images drawn with the tool, hands reformuling the concept 'uncontracture massage' and 'relaxing massage'. Made from natural raw materials, such as the center itself and the therapies offered to be a natural therapies center.

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