Shadi Al Hroub

Briefly, I have over four years in professional path in design and communication at the university level, and over six working on research for various studies in the field of branding, marketing and advertising. During this time, I have gained Awards and developed upon already solid learning and professional skills, and found the most successful means of educating to be specialize increasingly in public awareness campaign strategy & Outreach at an international level.

Through a calculated partnership of organization, communication, and organization management; I have been able to successfully leadership varying concepts in media connection & performance design in an engaging way that promotes participation.

Honored with numerous organization Awards such UCDA, Gulf Print, Pandas, SIA, Green Dot Awards and International photography awards. Published a Book "the graphic design in media conception" it provides explicit and the detailed look at design structure as process. His experiences in several creative areas such as Branding Design, advertising, UI/UX Consulting and Digital Marketing with Jordan Today Magazine, Sharp Vision Co, USAID, IFAW, IUCN, RSCN and WWH, Currently nominated to be a judge in the 43nd Annual Creativity & Packaging Awards 2013 in USA.
Book Design by Shadi Al Hroub

The Graphic Design in Media Conception Book Design by Shadi Al Hroub This book is about graphic design; it provides explicit, the detailed look at design structure as process that is used to communicate with the audiences with different cultures through design methods includes the meaning of graphic design as a role, Design processes as techniques, Branding design as market context, Packaging design with prepared templates and contains works from highly imaginative creative's, which are used to indicate the principles of design.

HIV Campaign by Shadi Al Hroub

Fight Aids HIV Campaign by Shadi Al Hroub HIV is surrounded by a lot of rumors and misinformation. Hundreds of teens in the Global become infected with HIV every year through unprotected sex or needle sharing. A much smaller number of teens with HIV were born to mothers who were infected. Today, there is hope that people living with HIV may never even become sick, just like there's no cure for viruses like colds and the flu. People living with the virus have to be extra careful not to take risks (like having unprotected sex) that could expose others to HIV.

Brand identity by Shadi Al Hroub

SioZEN Brand identity by Shadi Al Hroub Siozen introduces a new revolutionary high level hygiene system that uniquely transforms your space surfaces, hands and air into a powerful microbial/toxic pollution defense system. Modern day construction methods are great for providing us with better energy efficiency and comfort, but that comes at a price. Tighter and draft-free buildings contribute to a build-up of countless pollutants. Even if the building’s ventilation system is properly designed and well maintained, indoor pollution remains a serious issue. New approaches are needed.

Logo by Shadi Al Hroub

Flare to Value Logo by Shadi Al Hroub Flare to value is to help Keep our Planet Beautiful through clean and efficient energy solutions. The Logo is the key building block of our identity, the primary visual element that identifies us. The signature is a combination of the the symbol itself and our company name – they have a fixed relationship that should never be changed in anyway.

Brand Identity by Shadi Al Hroub

Gate 10 Brand Identity by Shadi Al Hroub Every company has a story that makes them unique, and that story should be articulated in a clear and intelligent manner. The valuable expertise and sense of technical integration will help you construct a powerful message that clearly illustrates corporate philosophy and conceptual landscape. This demand for innovation and creativity should met with the hope that people will think their way into new solutions on their own, but with an emphasis on learning tactical tools and creative processes.

Logo by Shadi Al Hroub

Saj Logo by Shadi Al Hroub Saj is an ancient Arabic name means wood used in shipbuilding. The concept explores the symbolism and history and their association to the cultural relevance. Saj investment logo portrays the four pioneered components through the compass, wood, waves and shining icons. Ships have played a major role in the Oman's ability to sail to the eastern and western hemispheres and stay in touch with the civilizations of the ancient world. The clean, hard and angular lines of the ‘A’ icon and lines compliment the typeface selection.

Cafe by Shadi Al Hroub

Lazord Cafe by Shadi Al Hroub The encompasses simple logo, stationery, coffee cup, and extends to broader brand identity programmes that include interior design detail. These effectively play with colour, form and type, and work in high quality material detail and finishes. Lazard concept built on the meaning of the Lapis Lazuli stone, also known as “Lazard” in Arabic. As the namesake of the stone, known throughout Arab history representing wisdom and truth and sustaining the powerful royal blue color, Lazard Café is a majestic concept specially designed to bring Oman's Arabic taste.

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Shadi Al Hroub
Sport City
P.O.BOX 840085 AMMAN 11181 JORDAN
P: 00962777127574

Shadi Al Hroub is IDC member since 2013, with 14182 IDC rating.
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