Yazan Hijazin

Investment Banker turned Designer, and founder of the brand Anknownymous. The winner of 2 A Design Awards, one Golden en 2012 and one Silver en 2016. Originally Jordanian but currently reside in Barcelona. Mr Hijazin has decided to follow his passion in life after 10 years of investment banking. He studied Accounting at the University of Jordan, and read for his Masters in Finance and investment at the university of Aberdeen. He is a banker, businessman and a passionate furniture and lighting designer.
Bench by Yazan Hijazin

BenchArk Bench by Yazan Hijazin BenchArk's design concept stems from a blend of two contradicting characteristics; motion and stillness. On one hand, the design abstractly impersonates an organic tree log that can be found in nature. On the other, it’s a resemblance of structural remains of an ancient wooden ark. The identical twin legs branch out organically holding a straight wooden line with a real bronze and copper finish. BenchArk is 3.5 meter long bench designed by Yazan Hijazin founder of Anknownymous in Amman-Jordan.

Multifunctional Bench by Yazan Hijazin

Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench by Yazan Hijazin Trio Bench is a geometrical bench made of walnut wood, fabric, and leather that seats up to 4 persons. However, by adjusting 2 upholstered pieces of the original structure, and unfolding its headrest, the user creates 2 new full-body reclining positions with utmost comfort. It was created for a private residence with a limited space. Hence it functions as sofa and it offers a Chez-lounge experience at the same time. The design slickly sharpen from both ends to create a more pleasant aesthetics. Trio Bench is 2.6 meter long, 0.80 meter width and 0.43 meter hight.

Contact Info

Yazan Hijazin
Casp 146bis, 3D.
P: +34691501549

Yazan Hijazin is IDC member since 2016, with 4067 IDC rating.
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