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AnaStasiaart&design is a creative studio which operates by the international award winning designer Anastasia Smyslova. The studio specializes in Brand Development, Identity, Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration and Art Direction. Our Design Aesthetic is Elegance and Sophistication. Our Goals in Brand Identity are to Benefit your company and help you to make a Profit.
AWARDS: 2012, Golden A' Design Award Winner for Packaging Design Category 2012, Award of 14/12/12, DESIGNANDDESIGN, PARIS/FRANCE 2012, Laureate Diploma "Design of the year", PART AWARDS, RUSSIA 2012, Award of 21/06/12, DESIGNANDDESIGN, PARIS/FRANCE 2011, 10 Best Packaging, Rate Russian design in 2011, [kak).ru, RUSSIA BOOKS: 2012, THE DESIGN AND DESIGN BOOK OF THE YEAR VOL. 5, 768 Pages, PARIS/FRANCE LANGUAGE SKILLS: Russian, English
Vodka by Anastasia Smyslova

Kasatka Vodka by Anastasia Smyslova "KASATKA" was developed as a premium vodka. The design is minimalist, both in the form of the bottle and in the colors. A simple cylindrical bottle and a limited range of colors (white, shades of gray, black) emphasize the crystalline purity of the product, and the elegance and style of a minimalist graphical approach.

Brand Identity by Anastasia Smyslova

PetitAna Brand Identity by Anastasia Smyslova PetitAna - Handmade stuff for chic baby, is a brand of various stuff for babies (clothes, accessories, furniture, accessories for nursery, toys). The brand name was inspired by combination of the short form of designer name Anastasia and french word "Petit" that mean baby, kid, infant. The hand-lettering name emphasizes the fact that the products are made by hand. The color palette and graceful graphic elements reflect sophisticated designer approach in creation stuff by this brand.

Branding by Anastasia Smyslova

Katharina Mikhrin Photography Branding by Anastasia Smyslova The inspiration came from the visual aesthetics of client's works and working approach to wedding photography. Katharina's goals are to capture this important family event for long memory and to keep it as a family heritage through the art of photography. Followed minimalist approach the visual identity was created the way that reflects client’s core values through meaningful minimalist logo, calm but deep and sophisticated color palette.

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Anastasia Smyslova is IDC member since 2013, with 6081 IDC rating.
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