Crayon MinYen Hsieh

Crayon MinYen Hsieh is an award-winning UX designer and digital artist capable of delivering strong user experiences across on and off-line platforms and interactive products and devices. I have worked at MTV, SONY, LBi and NeON(Divison of Draftfcb) and Ogilvy.

He designs user and customer-centred experiences to create engaging relationships through intuitive interactions and interfaces. His experience as a interactive designer places me in an excellent position to be able to understand the interplay between the physical form and the interface, and the way our products and devices communicate their intent and capability. It has also given him a great deal of skill and expertise as a visualizer of products, interfaces and ideas.
Interactive by MinYen Hsieh

MinYen Hsieh Portfolio Interactive by MinYen Hsieh MinYen Hsieh is an award-winning interactive designer and creative technologist focuses on visual/interaction design for various platforms currently based in New York. I tend to work on a series of exploratory ideas and concepts which are of varied duration and significance. My works reflect my concepts through the different interactive ways to tell stories. When users go through my interactive world, they will realize the concept Im telling and create their own stories and memories.

Contact Info

Crayon MinYen Hsieh
30-40, 32nd st, Apt 21
P: 9173243129
F: United States

Crayon MinYen Hsieh is IDC member since 2013, with 2016 IDC rating.
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