Kyuha Shim

Kyuha Shim(Q) is a designer, researcher, new media artist, and PhD candidate in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art. He studied Digital+Media(MFA) at the Rhode Island School of Design(RISD). Q currently works as a researcher focusing on generative design at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, Netherlands. Prior to this, he worked as a research fellow / data visualization specialist at MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory, and he was also an adjunct faculty at RISD. He has worked for LUST, Vinyl as an interaction designer. His works have been selected for various international design awards, and shown in numerous publications and exhibitions.

Working in the realms of art, design and technology, Q explores systematic and playful patterns in design & computation. The core of his practice and interest in art and design is using data as a primary medium and combining it with integrated processes such as visualization, fabrication and installation to create a complete narrative system.
Data Fabrication for exhibition by Kyuha Shim

Tangible Data Data Fabrication for exhibition by Kyuha Shim Design and Information Technology have changed the way we live our everyday lives. Development of effective 3D Printing techniques have inspired me to think about a creative methodology for Information Design. My selected projects aim to explore a tangible communication through data-driven fabrication. I hope these practices foster the way we perceive data and eventually create new experiences which allow users to be more engaged with data.

Exhibition by Kyuha Shim

Shape Exhibition by Kyuha Shim The group of works, presented together in this exhibition, reflects upon and questions the contemporary relationship between designers and their tools. This new model of reciprocal and looping relation between designers and tools is part of computational design’s framework consisting of input, algorithm (rule) and output. It re-evaluates what tools have become in relation to the design practices, different from the traditional model in which tool is simply an instrument used to carry out a function.

Contact Info

Kyuha Shim
Kensington Gore
P: +31681825540

Kyuha Shim is IDC member since 2013, with 4051 IDC rating.
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