Stella Nanni Ecodesign

The Stella Nanni Ecodesging, a company created by the fine artist Stella Nanni, combining art with technological innovation in research and sustainable-artistic product development and innovative processes.
Our products are developed with natural raw materials
coming from the various biomes leveraging:
Forest residue: natural fibers, plant tissues, seeds, leaves dehydrated, golden grass, using resins biovegetais, Ecoresina derived using waste Biodiesel and Photoluminescent pigment.
Multifunctional Loom by Stella Nanni

Conductear Multifunctional Loom by Stella Nanni The Conductive loom brings a great innovation for the textile area, uniting art, technological innovation and sustainability. It is made with conductive wires, silk and cotton. Its main element is the wire wich is produced from an environmental liability, arising from the process of making biodiesel. Its main feature is to be conductor of energy thereby it is possible to discharge the static energy of the users, eliminating several problems caused by the accumulation of this energy: stress, insomnia, muscles pains, shocks and damage to electronics components.

Vest by Stella Nanni

Inked Vest by Stella Nanni Inked is produced in nude leather and tattoed by two professional tattoo artists, as if it was on skin. Its main feature is to simulate a tattooed body in an elegant way, allowing the user to experience this visual sensation without actually having to make a great tattoo. Its drawings were created with the artistic genre of tattooing.

Coffee Table by Stella Nanni

Piece Of Your Story Coffee Table by Stella Nanni Piece Of Your Story brings the culture of art in the skin to the decoration field. The coffee table is an exclusive art piece. Just like a tattoo, this furniture becomes part of your life story. Created by two professional tattoo artists. It was made with wood, covered with a hand tattoed leather and coated with epoxi resin. The table leg was made with brushed steel, making a balance between industrial and elegant, with an artistic and innovative approach.

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Stella Nanni Ecodesign
Rua da Tijuca 936
Sao Paulo
P: 551996032266

Stella Nanni Ecodesign is IDC member since 2013, with 6079 IDC rating.
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