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GD ArchiDesign, founded in 2013 from Georgi Draganov, is a small German studio specializing in the architecture,design and urban development.Our aim is to be sketched unusual and creative things to stand thus in balance between functionality and form
organic table by Georgi Draganov

Lunartable organic table by Georgi Draganov The inspiration for the design piece comes from Apollo Lunar Spider. Therefore, there comes the name Lunartable. The Lunar Spider is a symbol of human engineering, innovations and technology . Apollo Spider has no organic forms. However it comes from organic creators like human beans. Organic design, followed by innovations and technology, functionality and ergonomics symbolise three important foundationsof the architecture and design. Therefore, Lunartable has three legs structure.

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GD ArchiDesign
Eschollbrueckerstr.2 app.408
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GD ArchiDesign is IDC member since 2014, with 2022 IDC rating.
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