Murat Gedik

Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Murat Gedik studied Construction Painting. Since graduation, he has worked for several reputable architecture firms. He designs architectural futuristic concepts, high-rise buildings, future warships and automobiles as a freelance designer.

Designer's outstanding villa project called 'Field of Flowers' was awarded by A Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Category in 2014 which was awarded by German Design Award in 2017 once more. In 2015, he was once more awarded by his cutting-edge automobile design 'MG Assos' by A Design Award. In 2013, one of his automobile designs was awarded 2nd place in category 'Ergonomy' in a reputable car design contest held by Automotive Exporters Association, in Turkey. His architectural concept design project named ‘Xcept’ was published in a notable Turkish architecture magazine called ‘Tasarım’ in May 2008, 181th edition.

He continues designing in different fields such as architecture, automobile, aircraft in İstanbul, the city where he still lives.
Residential villas by Murat Gedik

Field of Flowers Residential villas by Murat Gedik The structure resting on the bearing bases of arch or semi-arch character has a reduced impact on the soil,so allows the soil to enjoy rain and breathe in.Its design has an integration with the nature.A block composed of four villa units has the chance to enjoy the view panoramically thanks to a mechanism capable of rotating 360° a day.The project gets part of its energy supply from wind roses.Each villa unit might get involved in organic agriculture on its own area in the amidst of various flowers,trees encircled with artificial or real ponds.

Electric Car by Murat Gedik

MG Assos Electric Car by Murat Gedik The vehicle is a single door concept designed for four people.Its spare batteries are designed as lithium ion batteries and will be activated when the main battery is consumed in order to provide energy for an additional time to avoid stranding.The sliding door system of the design allows everybody to get out of the vehicle at the same time.Its wheel rim concept was inspired from a traditional motive called kundekari which means hold, grasp and is associated with the road grasp and catch of the wheel.The form of design's stop lamps is inspired from sea waves due to location of town Assos.

Residential Villa by Murat Gedik

BSG Residential Villa Residential Villa by Murat Gedik The building is a sample of contemporary and sustainable architecture. The solar panel on the roof produces the energy needed for total energy consumption by the household. In addition, thanks to the roof style, the rain and snow water is accumulated in the storages. The self-contained structure resting on the three bearing bases has a reduced impact on the soil,so allows the soil to enjoy rain and breathe in.The residents feel themselves living free and naturally in by structure provided open and bright space.

Poluted air purification  by Murat Gedik

OXY2050 Poluted air purification by Murat Gedik OXY2050 was designed as an urban air cleaner to purify huge amount of polluted air. Air quality is monitored in stations 24/7.When pollution rate is risky,OXY2050 is sent to the polluted area to purify the air.It floats over the area with the help of hellium filled outer shell.It absorbs the polluted air through absorbing turbines.The absorbed air mass is treated with chemical solutions such as potassium hydroxide, activated carbon.After treatment,the purified air is transfered to clean air storages.The purified air is released through sprayers until the air quality becomes moderate.

Multifunctional sectional ottoman by Murat Gedik

Chinte ottoman Multifunctional sectional ottoman by Murat Gedik Inspired by cultural motif chintemani and worldwide used ottomans named after its birth place, the idea of combination and syntesis of both was born. Chinte ottoman can be produced in countless different colour combinations, in different sizes and from many different materials from marble to wood for the innermost part and for the rest from fabric to felt and leather. Due to its sectional mechanism, it can be used seperately if needed. The innermost part made of wood or fabric provides storage space inside for magazines, books etc or scattered things around that should be quickly out of sight.

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Murat Gedik

Murat Gedik is IDC member since 2017, with 10098 IDC rating.
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