Rebeka Pakozdi

Although Rebeka Pakozdi acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Craftsmanship with a specialization in Ceramics, she identifies herself more with product designing. She likes experimenting with the creation of functional items made of unconventional materials and pushing the boundaries that are set upon matter by form and function. She is oriented towards designing objects with a defined functional value. During the design process she likes to think in situations, and considers the potential secondary or tertiary functions as well. Currently her projects are small series items, thus she takes great care of the whole creation process.
coffee set by Rebeka Pakozdi

Relax coffee set by Rebeka Pakozdi The primary purpose of the set is to encourage the nourishment of relationships. It aims to bring back the age-old tradition of drinking coffee together to today's fast-paced world. The ensemble of the industrial concrete and the delicate porcelain creates an unusual contrast and the different textures highlight each other. The relationship strengthening purpose of the set manifests itself in the complementary forms of the items. Since the cups cannot stand on their own, only when placed in their shared tray, the coffee set urges people to chat with each other while having coffee.

Contact Info

Rebeka Pakozdi
9 Nefelejcs street
P: +36203656900

Rebeka Pakozdi is IDC member since 2014, with 2022 IDC rating.
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