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Roberta Rampazzo graduated in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University in São Paulo. She began designing her own line of furniture, alongside being commissioned by design companies such as Decameron (Brazil) and Objekto (France). Her work has been published in Decor and Design (AD France, Wallpaper, Frame, Marie Claire Maison, Casa Vogue...) magazines and websites in more than 25 countries including: England, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Japan. Her pieces are being sold in well established high-end shops in Brazil and Europe.
Currently based in London, Roberta is continuing her creative design work with new clients and companies. Simplicity and clean lines is the pure form of Roberta's design. Focusing on designing with the attention to be unique. Roberta believes that good design works when there is form, functional beauty and emotion. The process of a new creation involves seeking elements that speak to the user on an emotional level.
Beyond working with form, the quality of the material is vital. A stroke of quality adds to the opulent objects of desire.
Table by Roberta Rampazzo

Illusion Table by Roberta Rampazzo The Illusion is a side table that plays around with perspective. By angling two of the legs, the table remains stable but it changes the look completely. The table is a reflection on how our mind can trick us and how there are still many possibilities of designing products that some we think are unchangeable.

Chair by Roberta Rampazzo

Less is More Chair by Roberta Rampazzo The inspiration for this chair was a summary of the pandemic experienced in recent years and the lessons learned. The design has always represented social aspects, and nowadays a product needs to represent these key elements like comfort, no excess, and sustainability more than ever. Simplicity is often the most difficult to achieve. To be simple it is necessary to eliminate the excesses and the unnecessary and this could be achieved in life and also on the design. The result is a minimalist, elegant, and sustainable chair.

Coffee Table by Roberta Rampazzo

Fill the Gap Coffee Table by Roberta Rampazzo The table was designed to break the cold aspect of marble and bring an extra element, chosen by the user, who is invited to fill the gap with what is most important to him. It can be with books, flowers, with personal objects. With a contemporary and minimalist design but without leaving the emotion behind the designer always applies to her products. It shouldn't be forgotten that marble is a natural stone but is not always associated with nature and for this reason the designer used some flowers on it, enhancing this warm and natural look.

Sofa by Roberta Rampazzo

Friends Sofa by Roberta Rampazzo What is the purpose of a sofa? To relax? But what about if you do it with the people you like most? That's the differential of the Sofa Friends. Designed to accommodate the user in an unusual and more friendly position: closer, face-to-face or seated, relaxed or lying down. It's not that ordinary TV sofa, it's more than that. It invites you to chat, discuss new ideas, change yourself, to go deeper in an intimate moment. A piece of furniture with a strong emotional design.

Side Table by Roberta Rampazzo

Fan Side Table by Roberta Rampazzo The Fan table is a stunning example of how natural materials can be transformed into unique and functional pieces of furniture. The collection includes a coffee table, dining table, and side table, all designed with a graphic and timeless language that exudes elegance and sophistication. What sets the Fan Collection apart is the designer's ability to add emotional elements to her pieces, creating a sense of connection between the furniture and the people who use them. The marble plates, combined with a ball made from the same material, come together to form a sculptural object.

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