Yunhyun Park

Yun Hyun Park is an artist and interior designer based in Seoul Korea and Basel Switzerland. After her marriage with Dr. Meanhwan Kim, she moved to Portland, USA and opened a local design studio 'Nanannani Collectible' in 2010 and ran it until 2014. Her design studio has been a personal platform to develop and produce her own designs. Now, Nanannani studio has moved to its present location in Basel, Switzerland and she has headed on the conceptual design research ‘Playful Energy’ at the Masterstudio, University of Applied Sciences FHNW. Her main research interests lie in sustainable urban environments, forms and culture, critical design and speculative design. Yunhyun's work reflects her fascination with nature, materials, crafts, history, people and making these passions into a design.
Rug by Yunhyun Park

Boundary Rug by Yunhyun Park The Boundary is a rug inspired by maps. Rugs are often boring in appearance and functions as only accessories. However, the Boundary of shape is strange, abstract and absolutely asymmetry. The hand drawn topographic patterns are highly symbolic, informative and aesthetic. These patterns are not simply chosen for its beauty or due to personal preferences. Designer intended to represent the certain region where territory disputes occur and aimed to remind people social issues in an elegant way. Design is easily customizable, other regional topographical images can be produced for next series.

Future Scenarios by Yunhyun Park

Playful Energy Future Scenarios by Yunhyun Park Playful Energy is an experimental study that focuses on the intersection of environmental, social, cultural and economic systems through the lenses of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. This research aims to contribute towards energy harvesting from the human movement and encourage people’s sustainable behavior through playful and poetic experiences. It provides an insight into the cultural value of future technology and design, which aims to understand the various aspect of the relationship between alternative energy sources and human life.

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Yunhyun Park
Gang Nam Gu, Non Hyun Dong

Yunhyun Park is IDC member since 2017, with 4043 IDC rating.
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