Gisele Taranto

Gisele Taranto is a brazilian architect and urban designer who graduated in 1989 at Santa Úrsula University - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She did additional studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, USA.
After years of experience, working at an American office and at renowned Rio de Janeiro offices, she founded Progetto Arquitetura e Interiores and, a few years later, she began her solo career with the Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, an Architecture and Interior Design firm that focus its work in the upscale residential area as well as corporate projects.
The goal of Gisele Taranto Arquitetura is to solve the problems with creative and intelligent thinking, adapting ideas to the profile and needs of each client.
Gisele has her works published in national and international magazines, books, websites and exhibitions.
Residential House by Gisele Taranto

Tempo House Residential House by Gisele Taranto This Project is a complete refurbishment of a colonial style house in one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Set on an extraordinary site, full of exotic trees and plants (original landscape plan by the famous landscape architect Burle Marx), the main goal was to integrate the exterior garden with the interior spaces by opening big windows and doors. The decoration has important Italian and Brazilian brands, and its concept is to have it as a canvas so that the customer (an art collector) can display his favourite pieces.

Residential House by Gisele Taranto

Brise House Residential House by Gisele Taranto This project consists in a renovation of a house located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Set on a lively area, the noise control was one of the challenges, which in the end, had influence in the final look of the architecture itself. Movable shutters were integrated to the main facade, working as noise filters, but at the same time letting natural light into the space. The decoration focused on quality and elegance, rather then trends or styles. Almost all of the furniture used are signed by Brazilian and Italian designers.

Sensory showroom by Gisele Taranto

Loft Tropical Sensory showroom by Gisele Taranto This loft is divided into two areas: social and intimate. A reflecting pool lined with a green wall, connect the areas and contribute to lower the temperature and promote environmental comfort. A partition in transparent glass is what separates the bathroom / spa room from the bedroom. Holes were created in the drywall. The iron structure is covered with a mesh of opaque and translucent tiles that allow the use of natural light. Beneath this roof was created a recess with irregular plans and a mesh of bamboo and tissue. In this project, it’s as if the scenery outside is being brought inside.

Sensory showroom by Gisele Taranto

Lab LZ by GT Sensory showroom by Gisele Taranto The intent of this Lab is to get people out of their comfort zone and spur them to think about solutions and thoughts in different areas that influence or will influence the way to inhabit and live. The environment Lab, although fully integrated, presents an area sectorization: a first area of consulting, a second area, living/lounge, and a third area, meeting/working. The Lab has a suspended glass floor and mirror shards in the empty space between the existing subfloor and finished floor. The significance of the mirror comes to complement the concept of this work: depth and reflection.

Building hall by Gisele Taranto

Aqwa Corporate Lobby Building hall by Gisele Taranto In a revitalized area in the Port of Rio de Janeiro - Porto Maravilha Project - emerges Aqwa Corporate, a luxurious corporate complex with partnership Foster + Patners and Tishman Speyer. Its privileged location facing the Bay of Guanabara also provides insight into the Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf. The Gisele Taranto Arquitetura design team decorated the Lobby. The layout takes advantage of the view, and has furniture signed by consecrated Brazilian designers of high quality and that allowed comfort to its short waiting time. In this lobby Norman Foster is welcoming Niemeyer!

Apartment by Gisele Taranto

Lambri Apartment by Gisele Taranto The project is a renovation of an apartment with 600m2 in front of a famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. The challenge of the design was to take advantage of the view and to allow the exterior atmosphere continue inside the apartments spaces. All the colors and materials were chosen to connect this idea. The goal of the architect was to create a Urban Beach House.

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Gisele Taranto
Rua J.J. Seabra, 14, casa 2
Rio de Janeiro
P: 55 21 25790448

Gisele Taranto is IDC member since 2017, with 12164 IDC rating.
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