Guillermo Dufranc

Guillermo works as Graphic Design Coordinator at the leading award-winning Branding and Structural & Graphic Package Design agency Tridimage, bringing expertise, inspiration and creative leadership, enhancing the design team with challenging ideas.

He has been working in packaging design for more than 15 years helping brands to become relevant icons of our culture.

He also writes articles about branding and packaging design which are published in the most well-known international magazines and design blogs such as The Dieline (, Labels & Labeling (UK), Pack & Print Word (UK), Beverage Innovation (UK), Package Design Mag (USA), Creativ Verpacken (GER), Empaque + Conversion (LATAM), Enfasis (LATAM) and many others.
Structural & Packaging Design by Tridimage

Brugal Papá Andrés Structural & Packaging Design by Tridimage Brugal Papa Andrés, created for and enjoyed by the Brugal family, has never before been released for sale up to now. Only a crystal decanter could do justice to this limited edition rum. The neck collar graces its slender neck and a metal face plaque has been hand polished and finished with a sand blast engraving inspired by Dominican architecture. The bottle design Tridimage created provides a new expression of extraordinary quality to enjoy and to treasure.

Brand & Packaging Design by Tridimage

Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design by Tridimage The Tridimage design agency took on the project of balancing the brand’s visual identity between looks of exoticism and familiarity. Giving sauces like Maffe and Yassa an accessibility that overpowers the element of mystery, the firm looked to instill soft cultural references like richly patterned textiles and silhouettes of mothers into the kitchen. The result is a collection of five simple labels that retain a fiery flavor that entices the senses. Kitchens of Africa packaging would look at home on the shelves of Western stores, but still stand out with a savory appeal.

structural & graphic design by Tridimage

Aguazul structural & graphic design by Tridimage To energize the Aguazul mineral water brand, the brand & 3D package design agency Tridimage collaborated with its Honduran client to craft a new distinctive PET bottle design for the beverage that reflects its core expression of purity. Tridimage's redesign of Aguazul’s 3D packaging identity, integrating structural and graphic design, managed to reaffirm its market leadership, positioning the brand at the forefront of the competition. The structural design of the PET bottle is anchored in the "osmosis" concept, the technological principle behind water purification.

Packaging by Tridimage

Lote 8 Olive oil Packaging by Tridimage Lote 8 is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Uruguay. It is the result of the dream of a family who loves to produce an extraordinary olive oil with beloved craftmanship and dedication. The brief was to design a disctintive bottle with a unique bottle design. The design was conceived to attract customers’ attention and communicate the simplicity and authenticity. The design inspiration came from vintage bottles, similar to those who alchemists displayed in their window to appeal to their ailing customers. Tridimage, Structural Design, Paz Martel Art Direction

Packaging design by Tridimage

Bodega Privada Champagne Packaging design by Tridimage Bodega Privada means Private Cellar in Spanish, thus inspired the idea that these champagnes are part of a private collection. A kind of club that keeps its secrets locked away. To enter the cellar the consumer should need the key. The key enables to unveil the secret hidden in the bottles.

Packaging Design by Tridimage

Club del Gourmet - El Corte Inglés Packaging Design by Tridimage El Corte Inglés commissioned Tridimage to revitalize brand and packaging identity of their premium private brand; Club del Gourmet. The challenge was to strengthen brand presence on the shelves, and improve their recognition through a consistent graphics unit. The new image created for El Club de Gourmet projects the distintive personality of their stores where premium products from all over the world can be found. The new packaging identity confidently compete with the most well-known and prestigous food and beverage brands.

Packaging Design by Tridimage

Cusqueña Packaging Design by Tridimage Being the most important beer of Peru, Cusqueña wanted to embody their national ADN on their brand and packaging design. The challenge consisted on a thoughtful redesign to express the local Inca identity on every inch of the package. Thus, the logo badge was personalized with a slight detail to resemble the 12 angles stone, a famous piece of the Machu Pichu architecture.

Packaging by Tridimage

Gondwana Packaging by Tridimage The design inspiration came from precious stones to convey a luxurious feel since the water source is located in an exotic woods in Paraguay, South America. The structural design of the glass bottle resembles the facets of a diamond to communicate the premium spirit of the product: its unique quality, its value, its particularity, its discovery, its exclusive origin. A simple and minimalist typographic logo and graphics reflect its millenary intact purity.

Beer by Tridimage

Vicuna Beer by Tridimage The label is a hand-crafted illustration which depicts the ancestral aborigen ritual of lama shearing, the moon in a very rare stage where can be seen bigger than ever, an unexpected volcano eruption, the hand-picked ingredients that are grown in this particular place which were collected by the masted beer blenders during the trip to the roots of Peru.

Packaging by Tridimage

Minka Chocolate Packaging by Tridimage The design embodies the sensations chocolate awakes in every fan of this product. The brown background conveys the cocoa intensity while the colour shades create a oneiric atmosphere making the consumer feel they are in a dream that came true. The origin is depicted by the brand and the cocoa bean with a playful color scheme that conveys the local Ecuadorian culture that produces these raw chocolate nibs.

Packaging and Graphic by Tridimage

Sernova Packaging and Graphic by Tridimage Sernova is a special vodka produced with a unique technological breakthrough that involves a filtration process with black diamonds. The inspiration for the bottle design came from the light reflections of the black diamonds involved in the production process of this fine vodka. The bottle is made of glass and the label is a self adhesive crystal substrate that makes the printing feel like it's on the very glass.

Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Tridimage

Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Tridimage Blockazo is a one of its kind 1kg chocolate bar specially designed for sharing and breaking it up into big chunks of chocolate resulting in an unforgettable consumer experience. The inspiration came from the construction industry and concrete since this huge chocolate bar is like a big building that needs to be demolished to be consumed. The bar is made of chocolate with peanuts and its packaging is made of a flexible mix of PP and PE. The result of the product design is an extraordinary consumer experience that incites to break the huge chocolate bar in romboidal shapes.

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Guillermo Dufranc is IDC member since 2014, with 24355 IDC rating.
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