Ekaterina Smolina

Ekaterina Smolina was born 6 of December 1991 in Toliatty. In 2009 she entered to the Faculty of Jewellery Design and Artistic Metalworking on the Toliatty State University. An active creator, she is participant and laureat of numerous Russian and International exibitions.
Collection of brooches by Ekaterina Smolina

Birdies Collection of brooches by Ekaterina Smolina "Birdies" - inspires on the impossible. For somebody impossible — it is one and a half months at the other end of the world. In the new world, in the new country, in Asia. Completely plunging into this world of smells, brightness and paints, to be filled with inspiration. If little birds were able to do so, everyone can.

Wedding jewelry by Ekaterina Smolina

Spring Wedding jewelry by Ekaterina Smolina Despite the traditional character this ornament is unusual. Use of a set of small chains in a crest helped to achieve effect of the water which is beautifully streaming on the girl's hair. The strict brooch makes the gentleman very elegant. The usage of the initials in decoration makes this jewelry set very personal and belonging to certain people.

Contact Info

Ekaterina Smolina
Uzhnoe shosse 39-86
Samara region
P: +79277816668

Ekaterina Smolina is IDC member since 2015, with 4054 IDC rating.
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