Stephan Seifert

Hi, I am Stephan Seifert. I run a small product and furniture design consultancy in the heart of Barcelona, undertaking work that is wide ranging, but which shares a common thread. I believe in wholesome, calm and substantive design. Being equally as passionate about furniture and lighting as I am about toys and bicycling, I design objects that I myself want to use, want to live with.
I also collaborate with NGO and not for profit organizations to allow them to harness their potential though design.
Stool by Stephan Seifert

Echape Stool by Stephan Seifert In French Echape means escape, but also is a dynamic position in ballet dance. We have decided to combine the ethereal grace and lightness of a ballet dancer with the joy and happiness of a casual meeting at a bar between friends and acquaintances. The stools come in a variety of different standard heights and are manufacured using a combination of numerical control and traditional craft techniques, to realize a unique, ecologically sound and beautiful contemporary stools with high aesthetic, sculptural and tactile value.

Contact Info

Stephan Seifert
c/Sant Quinti 37-45
P: 34653037616
F: EspaƱa

Stephan Seifert is IDC member since 2014, with 2029 IDC rating.
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