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Haus Inmobiliaria is a company dedicated to Real Estate developing, mainly focused on Shopping Centers and Office Buildings. We focus on adapting new ideas to the places where we develop our own buildings. The company is concerned in building self sustainable properties which resolve the needs of the surrounding area. Its way of work is based on a reverse engineering process starting from the customers needs and ending on the ones of the investors.
Lifestyle Stripmall by Adagio Townplaza

Adagio Townplaza Lifestyle Stripmall by Adagio Townplaza Based on the neighboorhood lifestyle the design is adapted to best serve the needs of people. It is conceived as a well balanced place for the families so everybody can enjoy it. It has a main plaza where most of the interaction occurs during the day on ground level, the second floor which is designed for health, fashion and beauty, and a 3rd floor with lounge bar and restaurants which will come to life from 2 pm till midnight. One main aspect is that 90% of units have a direct view from any given place. The parking is also optimized by this because the places occupied by day are free by night

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Haus Inmobiliaria Sa
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Haus Inmobiliaria Sa is IDC member since 2014, with 2017 IDC rating.
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