Fang-Cheng Dong

Fang-Cheng Dong is an industrial designer. He works to create products which have vitality, only chases the purist and most practical design, and uses his full energies to understand the deepest demand of his client and transfer these demand into real product.
Smart Refrigerator by Fang Cheng Dong

Sliver-Touch Smart Refrigerator by Fang Cheng Dong When users put their food into the refrigerator, the intelligent control system of this refrigerator can identify people's identity and record these information. Through the micro-projector which insert on the clapboard, the information such as the owner of the food and the date of the food had been put in will project as a light label on to the food. People can clearly see freshness and the time of storage of the food, to avoid the food being forgot in the refrigerator and exceed the expiry date.

Contact Info

Fang-Cheng Dong
QueShan County Bureau of Agriculture
P: +86 13798575091

Fang-Cheng Dong is IDC member since 2015, with 2039 IDC rating.
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