Roberto Maurizio Paura

During the first year of specialization in System and Service Design, I started collaborating with Smart-I Srl, a company committed to increasing the efficiency of public lighting and data collection, through a special sensor: SmartEye. In 2014 I graduated with honors and in the same period I became System Designer and Art Director for Smart-I, and later, Chief Product Officer. In 2015 I became Professor of Parametric 3D Modeling at ISIA in Rome. In 2017 I founded Priyatech, a company engaged in the creation of a multisensory camera to increase the safety of babies in cots. In 2019 I founded Delate, a consulting company in the field of product design, communication, and software development, working for several companies throughout Italy. Between 2019 and 2020 I covered the role of professor in Product Design at ISIA in Rome.
Anti-stress synthetizer  by Roberto Maurizio Paura

MoovBox Anti-stress synthetizer by Roberto Maurizio Paura MoovBox is a portable synthesizer that aims to revolutionize music listening by introducing an active approach to mixing audio while on the move. Like the iconic Moog Modular, the MoovBox makes it easy to modify notes- simply adjust any combination of the seven knobs by rolling or sliding. Users can compose or add layers of their favorite string, wind or percussion instrument by using natural gestures. MoovBox body is also made of a flexible material, so it can be physically deformed and every deformation will coincide to a sound distortion. It has to be used in association with a smarthphone.

Coating by Roberto Maurizio Paura

BlobHertz Coating by Roberto Maurizio Paura Blobhertz is a customizable parietal coating. The idea is to decorate a wall with the key frames of a soundtrack made in the material chosen by the customers. Indeed, according to the material used, its index of transparency, the refraction of light and the kind of soundtrack which subjects the fluid you will get a product with unique features. Run your fingers on the deformed surfaced is possible to begin an intimate and emotional experience communicated by music. By the technique of 3D printing you can also create an empty module that can be illuminated from inside.

Glue gun by Roberto Maurizio Paura

Nimble Glue gun by Roberto Maurizio Paura Nimble is the result of a university research in the field of power tools redesign. The result had to be a mockup identical to the 3D model of it. All the internal and external components and the measures of the glue gun that needed to be redesigned, were analysed and detected from the original. The new design has then been tested by several people to measure its quality and usability. Nimble has been inserted in the list of Industrial Design Served of Behance, dedicated to the projects created with principles of creativity, and it figures in the list of the best physical models of ISIA ROMA.

Urban Sensor by Roberto Maurizio Paura

Sense Urban Sensor by Roberto Maurizio Paura Sense assures the necessary security level when installed in public, very crowded places. Thanks to its A.I. System it is able to detect and signal dangers like fires or risk situations for a single person, and to recognize potentially dangerous behaviour. The sensor is designed with a friendly and linear shape in order to be integrated and install into the urban architecture and to be noticed by the citizens as source of services.

Security Cam by Roberto Maurizio Paura

Priya Security Cam by Roberto Maurizio Paura Priya increases the level of home security by Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the possibility of being installed on any house surface, the AI developed for Priya is able to combine data from from the optical, audio and air analysis sensors to provide extremely precise feedback directly on the smartphone of the user.

Mobile Application by Roberto Maurizio Paura

Delate Mobile Application by Roberto Maurizio Paura Delate is the first app that provides a platform in which every minute of delay is turned into a point that can be accumulated and used to access deals on several product and services. The app monitors the commuter journey and calculates the minutes of delay caused by the train. An intuitive and clear design that offers profits without requiring any active action from the user and that offers a reward system that encourages its daily use by transforming discomfort into an advantage.

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Roberto Maurizio Paura

Roberto Maurizio Paura is IDC member since 2015, with 12162 IDC rating.
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