Heloise Rajkumari

Heloise Rajkumari is an Indian young designer and an architect. She attended Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and earned Master of Design in Product Design and Manufacturing in 2014. She has also completed B.Arch in the year 2012 and has been awarded Gold Medal by National Institute of Technology, Raipur,India. She is specialized in Product Design and her interest lies in furniture, lifestyle products, and medical device design.
Sculptural Vase by Heloise Rajkumari

Follow Me Sculptural Vase by Heloise Rajkumari “Follow Me” is designed to be a sculptural vase and is inspired from the bird “Peacock”. The intent is to provide an aid for arranging flowers in patterns, and to help in increasing the post harvest life of cut flowers. The design has semi open form composed of a body and a wing piece to allow air circulation around stems and easy addition of water without disturbing the arrangement. The detachable wing pieces are perforated in different patterns to aid various arrangements. The vase provides aid for arrangement while the flowers complete the overall form, thus complementing each other.

Dining Table by Heloise Rajkumari

Humming Tree Dining Table by Heloise Rajkumari Taro leaf inspired “Humming Tree” is a fusion of dining table and floor vase to hold human sized dry/fresh flowers, leaves, and tree branches. City life has become mentally exhausting, and it’s less contact with natural environment has many negative impacts. The design intent is to let the senses of the diners explore the immediate surrounding and experience the natural elements, thus help in reducing mental fatigue. It is a see through design with the leaf structure split into two distinct Skin and Bone components, and the leaf form becomes apparent when the two components overlap.

Ice Cream Bowl by Heloise Rajkumari

Icy Ice Cream Bowl by Heloise Rajkumari Icy is an ice cream serving dish set. Ice cream desserts are mostly served in a typical ice cream bowl with spoon placed on a separate plate or cloth or inside the bowl. Why these elements have to be treated separately when they are needed together? Icy brings all these elements together and makes spoon a part of the serving dish. It has a magnetic base to keep the spoon intact and takes the form of highly refractive faceted crystal with a frame, to give a perception of chill, cold, and transparent ice pieces in three different forms. It serves ice cream in stylish yet minimalistic manner.

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Heloise Rajkumari
Qtr no. E7 type V, Lamphelpat
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Heloise Rajkumari is IDC member since 2015, with 6060 IDC rating.
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