Yiu Hoi Lun

Allen was born in 1988 in Hong Kong. His design philosophy focuses on clean lines and minimal design, organic form with the complex, organic nature of the body. The work was beauty, yet elegant; simplicity correlates with modernism, stylish in every moment, strong vision to create timeless and beautiful design.
Earrings by k Y Yiu

Dancer Earrings by k Y Yiu Dance is a minimal design, movable in 360-degree earrings represent the beauty of jellyfish. The pair of earrings designed with 925 silver, black plated and diamonds setting. The design can move in 360-degree with diamonds, designed in modern shape with micro pave setting and it can swing separately. Inspired by the movement of jellyfish, the free-form wave pattern symbolize the sea and the shape represent the feminine. This pair of earrings is slightly different with each other which represent the uniqueness of the nature. It combines high technique, technology and delicate craftsmanship.

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Yiu Hoi Lun
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P: 0085264094631
F: 香港

Yiu Hoi Lun is IDC member since 2016, with 2031 IDC rating.
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