Ljiljana Reljic -Sabac, Serbia

Educators preschool institutions, creative, inspired by the ideas created and designed hand-made materials that stimulate children's development and progress.
 eco board by Ljiljana Reljic

smart board eco board by Ljiljana Reljic Smart boards, made from recycled materials, help kids to improve their knowledge, motor skills and experience. The motives on the board are created by using different materials and textures to stimulate development of sensors. They have the ability to find and correct errors, offer experiences in an easy and fun way. Their creation increased awareness of pollution and healthy environment amongst kids and their creators.

Contact Info

Ljiljana Reljic -Sabac, Serbia
Andre Jovanovic 2b/3, 15000
P: +381628806180

Ljiljana Reljic -Sabac, Serbia is IDC member since 2015, with 2018 IDC rating.
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