Matteo Ruisi

After 8 years working as advertising art director in some italian agencies (Ogilvy&Mather, Scholz&Friends, The Big Now, Leo Burnett) Matteo decided to move to London for new challanges.
He has worked on many creative fields across all media and in every work is clearly visible his passion for graphic design, even on "Quante Storie per un Hamburger", a cook book he has written and designed (Ed. Guido Tommasi Editore).
Now he is working as Brand Leader in a tech start up in London and as freelance graphic designer/illustrator across Europe.
Poster by Matteo Ruisi

Sizes Poster by Matteo Ruisi The inspiration was found watching a video named “Stars sizes comparison” that shows the huge difference between the sun and the biggest star of the universe. 5 categories were chosen and a fun description was added for each one: "bangers" with a power explanation; "Bullets" with a list of weapons; "Penises" with some details; "Japanese robots" with their signature moves and "Tobacco" with a fun time spending explanation. The mix between the infographic and the isometric style has inspired the typography and the packagings.

Visual Identity by Matteo Ruisi

Bank of England Visual Identity by Matteo Ruisi Designing for a central bank means finding a balance between technical and sensitive information, staff-led outputs, engaging general communications, and a series of regulations. This is not simple to achieve and it is based on delicate internal dynamics. The new identity has been developed together with the people who will use it, balancing all the aspects of the communications. It focuses on reaching a wider public with an accessible, relevant, structured, and distinctive approach. These key principles have been used as a design direction for all the visual assets.

Photography by Matteo Ruisi

Bank of England Photography by Matteo Ruisi One of the functions of the Bank of England is to print banknotes. The British Pound Sterling notes have different features that make them unique. The photography of the notes has been introduced as a part of a wider visual identity project, however, banknotes can be reproduced only following strict regulations. The photos, taken with a macro lens, depict security features, characters, and the beauty of their design. The images have been grouped into 3 categories: groups of notes, details, and abstract.

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Matteo Ruisi
17 Stock Orchard Crescent
United Kingdom
N7 9SL
P: +447474974738

Matteo Ruisi is IDC member since 2015, with 6097 IDC rating.
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