MARCH Design cooperates with many professionals,which establishes a vigorous office.The works is featured in two highlights.First,the creative ideology,different backgrounds of designers provide more possibilities for multi-dimensional thinking.the collisionand integration during invention show special cross-over characters and creative ideology.Second,the humanism pondering all works relate with “being”,originated from simple and direct human demand,which makes it possible to apply design to change some lifestyle,we try to start from design,to add interest into”being”life.
bar by Wangtao

Tsingtao 1903 bar by Wangtao This is the starting point of "Community Pubs Plan" of Tsingtao Beer Company and it is also the very first store. An experiential chain store of beer culture is born and it is low cost, fast to replicate, of unified identity and most importantly it is also environmentally friendly, as almost all of the materials are recycled or reused. "Tsingtao beer" as a brand with more than 100 years history, needs a series of events to reenergize and the followed up design of "Community Pub Plan" is an important component.

Hotel  by Wangtao

Humble House Hotel by Wangtao Humble hotel is under strictly limited budget,designed for young travellers, so a good atmosphere is achieved by the use of relatively cheap materials and the creation of various space levels. Steel, timber, inornate cement is the main building materials and the design is to provide travelers with an original experience. Its internal functions are also very rich and innovative, including independent bar, dinning area and communication corner for travelers

Clothing Store by Wangtao

Coolette Clothing Store by Wangtao The design for Coolette, need to provide an accurate brand image, and it also needs to attract eyeballs. The idea is to use dynamic outer walls and rich skins. The exterior wall is made of thirty thousands pieces of stainless steel coated with special material, to reflect different colors and to display different expressions. The interior layer of ground floor is decorated with bamboo, copper pipe and grey marble to create a strong extensity. Black wood, white marble and mirror stainless steel has formed a purer style for the second floor to meet different display needs

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