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Krama Architects were founded by architects Balafoutis Thanos and Xipolia Elena in 2014. Apart from their pure architectural design, they are involved in architectural lighting, light art, as well as designing and manufacturing furniture and objects. For them, a simple word, an image or a thought, constitutes the stimulus for coming up with a scenario, that each time determines their design.
table by Krama Architects

konis table by Krama Architects The konis table's design was conceived from a fragment's detachment from the ground. This fragment represents a concrete slab, which is deconstructed while uplifted, thus exposing its steel elements. The Konis table was named after the ancient greek word meaning dust, plaster. This structure, consisted of wood, steel and plaster is indicative of the coalescence of physical materials as well as of an optical illusion concerning gravity. The singularity of the structure is based at the application of the plaster on its wooden surface, which lends weight to it like a hovering slab.

chair and stool by Krama Architects

sedi_ale chair and stool by Krama Architects Sedi_ale's purpose is to go beyond borders denying to be a common sitting. Intends to elicit the interest of the users while entering into a space, creating an elegant and comfort zone of a house or a public space. The design is based on the philosophy of minimalism. Bright colors and pure lines are the characteristics of these structures. The singularity of sedi_ale is the system of three legs which controls the balance and creates a dynamic visual perception and several emotions, depending on the color selection.

bookcase by Krama Architects

agili bookcase by Krama Architects The uniqueness of this project is to tranform the dimensions of the bookcase without losing significant storage space. The user has the ability to change its own space just playing with the dimensions, reducing or enlarging the volume of the bookcase by a simple movement. It is a multifunctional creation which adapts everywhere as it can be placed in front of the wall or as a separator to split spaces. The functionality of Agili allows you to personalize your space as it can be customized according to specific customer requirements in sizes and colors.

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Krama Architects is IDC member since 2015, with 6084 IDC rating.
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