In daily life, people put themselves in a space somewhere.
Home, school, work, public institution, commercial facility...
In every space, what do people see, experience and feel?
We base on people, harmonize every element, like function, things, environment to create a space and the style, and that is our job. We'd love to keep creating the space that makes your life joyful and pleasant, the space becomes more attractive and valuable by people who are enjoying it.
residence by Masahiko Sato

I-house residence by Masahiko Sato The building site is a long, narrow piece of land between a coastline road and a cliff. The key design concept, besides assuring a sufficient living space, was to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment. The land sits two meters below the roadside, and the natural slope of the land was daringly used without trying to restructure it.

residence by Masahiko Sato

A2-house residence by Masahiko Sato To satisfy the needs of owner [A house that family can live in safely], this design’s main concept is protecting family from various neighboring environment of the site. To protect the privacy and mitigate traffic noise, I set no opening on outer wall of north side faced to the road. In addition, I pushed out a white wall diagonally on a road to emphasize the beautiful wooden wall and leave people a deep impression.

Residential House by Masahiko Sato

N8-house [ House of III-BOX ] Residential House by Masahiko Sato At night, the shadow of houses will change with the light of the moon and stars, just like expressions on people’s face. The columns on the outside walls are made of inorganic concrete, it seems rhythmic from outside. While the walls, beams and front door are mostly wooden.As night falls, lights are lightened up; the house looks warm and homey. Because of the wooden cantilever, the first floor seems floating, which makes the house fascinating. The columns and beams inside house are mostly built by nature materials, the wooden part make a great adjustment on the moisture.

Residential House by Masahiko Sato

I3-house [ Modeling on the hill ] Residential House by Masahiko Sato I3-House was planned in the residential area at the top of the hill of Miyazaki City, Japan.As we proceed with the design, it was necessary to consider legal restrictions and regulation regarding the cliff on southeast part, and also to take account for wind loads from sea direction. To obey these conditions, terrace balcony on the southeast side was designed to floated from the ground surface in a cantilever manner, this way one can enjoys spectacular views of the city and Hyuga sea. In addition, the roof shape was designed in order to minimize the wind pressure loads and in case of typhoon.

House by Masahiko Sato

M4-house [ House of Overlap ] House by Masahiko Sato M4-house [overlapping house] was built in peaceful countryside of Higashisonogi area in Nagazaki .Appearance has four differences in level that creates a sense of rhythm by pasting red cedar material to black siding frames. It makes people feel warm and friendly by harmonizing architecture and surrounding environment. Colonnades of red cedar give a sense of rhythm to living & dining room. In day time, the sunlight going through leaves from atrium makes living & dining room very friendly and harmony. When night falls, indirect light in handrail of stairs make the space beautiful and gentle.

Residential Architecture by Masahiko Sato

N10-House Residential Architecture by Masahiko Sato N10-House, House with View terrace is a design project located in a slightly elevated hill site on high density housing area in central part of Fukuoka City. By highlighting the terrace and entrance wall with red cedar and tile finish, and by giving a white color finish to the parapet and half wall that extruded 2 meter away from the inner wall, it delivers a modern design with sense of three dimensional.

Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato

I6-House Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato I6 House is a design plan for a house that is located in continuously developing rural housing area in Isahaya city Nagasaki Prefecture. The eaves and wall of each masses that is slanted towards the skies with different directions is covering the mass of the house finished in red cedar material. The building stands as a sculpture in a harmonious peaceful rural environment, aiming for an iconic architecture structure.

Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato

G2 House Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato This project is located in rural area of Mii city in Fukuoka Prefecture Japan.The building was to protect privacy of the house, and create a stylistic facade.Roof direction of the front and back of the building is opposing each against to protect and optimized the daylight and ventilation to the house and help to give extra space for living and also its help to achieve the main goals of the design which are privacy and protection. At night the building will appear more appealing and dramatic with the effect of lighting design of the house.

Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato

M6 House Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato The site of M6-House is at a residential area in Kumamoto in Japan.Site area is small and crowded so it was really challenged to designed for make a better securement with privacy and harmony for the house. Terrace balcony in south side of the balcony is one of the main objects to create a place to family that can enjoy their times in safety with friends.

Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato

M10 House Architecture Residential by Masahiko Sato The site of M 10 House is located in crowded place with a lot buildings right inside the heart of Fukuoka City in Japan. This project was designed for a family could live safely with easy and calm mind with pride of owning a beautiful place.While creating this concept, Considered all new Technics and best materials for keep primary goals in designing in to reality. Especially in Night it becomes the simple and modern exterior appearance which gives extra lighten to the whole premises.

Residential by Masahiko Sato

N12 House Residential by Masahiko Sato The project ‘N12 House’ is a two floor house in the villa site of Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture. For the owner, it is a second house where to relax and have quality time with his family and friends on holidays. As the project site is in chaotic location, the circulatory terrace balcony has provided in its three sides to provide opportunity to enjoy social life in open space while soaking in the surrounding views. In overall, this project aims to be a calm oasis, ideal for physical and mental relaxation away from the bustle of a busy life.

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