Kai Huo

KAI HUO is tutor of International poster art studio of NEU. College of Arts Northeastern University China.
He is a:
Member of Icograda (ico-D);
The researcher of Dentsu·Chinaadvertising talentsfoundation project;
National committee member of the Design Committee of China Packaging Federation;
International judges of 5th international Poster Exhibition Peru;
Jury of Chineseuniversity computerdesigncontest;
Jury of China Packaging Creative Design Competition;
Jury of 2nd NationalGraphic DesignExhibition of China;
Official organizer of International Poster Exhibition Peru & China;
Director of China designer Association;
Member of CCII International Design Center China;
Designers of the International commercial Art designer Association;
Editorial Committee member of 《Chinadesign yearbook》.
Asia Next - Poster Experimental Design Exhibition in 2015;
China-Italy International Design Week-The Evoling Silk Road in 2015;
1st Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition in 2014;
Milan design week - Oriental Design Week in 2013
Young artists exhibition China - Italy in 2013;
International design & crafts exhibition of Korean Industrial Artists’ Association in 2013;
Organize the 2nd Chinese Posters’ Exhibition in Peru in 2013;
6th international Poster Exhibition LIMA-Peru in 2013;
VIII International triennial of eco-poster «the 4th block» Ukraine in 2012;
International Poster Exhibition “plakat sozial” Leipzig in 2011;
Organize the 1th Chinese Posters’ Exhibition in Peru in 2013;
6 place of 5th international Poster Exhibition LIMA-Peru in 2011;
My City 7 “City Face” Invitational Exhibition in 2011;
World Design Congress “100” Poster Exhibition Taiwan in 2011;
3 place of 4th international Poster Exhibition LIMA-Peru in 2010;
Poster Design Exhibition in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Macao Handover in 2009; green earth international graphic design competition Japan in 2008;
Seoul Asia Graphic Poster Triennale in 2006 and 2009;
ICCC International Digital Design Exhibition Korea from 2006 to 2012;
Korea Daegu International Poster Exhibition in 2006;
The United States Traveling exhibition in 2006;
Warning people to pay attention to haze by HUO KAI

HAZE Warning people to pay attention to haze by HUO KAI In recent years, haze is a heavy, serious topic. People live under the fog of fear and intimidation. The design is based on haze to creation.Computer painting techniques to express the flexible design illustration. This design choose a haze theme, use computer drawing, put all kinds of animal combine into haze to express the harm of haze to people and earth. People want beautiful ciean living environment but not haze. Haze in the illustrations of various kinds of animal, made haze posters, books illustrations and online on Renren, Facebook, twitter, Wechat and other media.

Animal by HUO KAI

Life Animal by HUO KAI This is a series of animal themed illustrations, with a computer in the form of paintings painted a variety of animal cloud. Computer graphics in the shape of the shape is very vivid, vivid, formed a unique artistic effect, people want to see all kinds of lovely fresh animal, rather than endangered animal.These animal illustrations can be designed posters, book illustrations, online renren.com, Facebook, twitter, micro channel and other media publicity.

Illustration by HUO KAI

Flying Apsaras Illustration by HUO KAI Dunhuang murals are an important intangible cultural heritage in China, the Flying Apsaras is a beautiful artistic treasure in Dunhuang murals. By computer drawing of Flying Apsaras illustrations, the essence of Flying Apsaras murals is creatively inherited and displayed. Dunhuang murals are brought into the public's vision and modern life. The combination of computer technology and mural art has the characteristics of creativity, design and application. Flying Apsaras illustrations works is to make traditional art more fashionable and cater to social needs.

Contact Info

Kai Huo
Mailbox342, Lane 11, No. 3, Wenhua Road, Heping District
SHEN YANG, Liaoning Province
P: 013998261361

Kai Huo is IDC member since 2015, with 6064 IDC rating.
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