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saQué is a luxurious brand of Designers’ Handbags. Co-founded in 2015 by two sisters’ architects, Chantal & Daisy el Jurdi, saQué became an instant success thanks to the unique vision of its founders. Based on their architectural background, the designers created a brand that focuses on bringing concept-driven handmade handbags, using genuine leather and gold and silver plated accessories. The line is currently divided into 3 collections: The Form Collection, The Function Collection and the Urban Collection.
Although each collection has a specific theme and specific targets, they all have in their design, the special saQué’s architectural twists, that make them stand out from the rest. Each handbag has a story behind its design that is translated into the Arabic name given to it. It also has specific functions that answer women’s daily needs along with out-of-the-box shapes that breathe new life into the standard silhouettes of handbags already available in the market.
With this fresh new approach to the business world of handbags, along with the attention to details that expands from the design to their way of doing business and advertising their brand, the sisters were able to differentiate themselves thanks to their strong statement pieces. Their steadfast and rapid growth allowed them to expand in a short amount of time into several retailers in Lebanon and its neighboring countries.
Handbag by Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi

Al Faragh Handbag by Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi Al Faragh bag means The Void in Arabic and is a first of its kind in the handbags’ market. Along with being visually different and intriguing, this bag has also a function that makes it the perfect accessory for women. Thanks to its void, this handbag’s shape was transformed from a rectangle to a creative and unusual silhouette that can be hanged on the table, resolving an issue faced by women when going out or when travelling. The handbag is handmade with genuine calf leather, has gold and silver plated accessories and is available in various colours.

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Chantal and Daisy el Jurdi
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