Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

From year 1999 co-owner of the Garden Art Studio, Poland near Gdansk. She designed so far more than 250 gardens, she also took part in almost 100 garden realizations. Designer, traveler, journalist, photographer, sculptor and creative artist.

Higher education (Shaping the Landscape) graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, also studied landscape architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She has numerous certificates and diplomas, including BTEC National Diploma, Horticulture and Certificate City & Guilds Garden Design and City & Guilds National Vocational Qualification - Nursery level 2. Since 2000, she has the title of 'Host of Green Area' and 'Supervision Inspector in the greenery in urban areas'.
The experience gained in Poland, the US and the UK, where the adventure began immediately after completing technical school. In 1996, as part of an apprenticeship scholarship held at Hever Castle - the castle of Henry VIII, then worked as a gardener at Waddesdon Manor, The Rothschild Collection, Buckinghamshire, and as an assistant in horticulture Clifton Nurseries Limited, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, UK. A very important experience was the practice in 1997 with John Brookes in Denmans, West Sussex, UK. Before returning to the country Agnes also worked in gardens of manor house - Titsey Place, Titsey, Oxted, Surrey (1997-98) and private estate Edenbridge House, Edenbridge, Kent.
In 1999 after gaining experience and inspiration she began operating on Polish territory.

She is the author of photos and articles about gardening in many publications for example for magazines: "The World of Residences, Interiors and Gardens" where she has regular columns, "Residences", "Living Room and Bedroom." Her output was also presented in the album "Polish landscape architects present" and the book "Gardens. Projects of Polish landscape architects." In 2004, the designer has entered into an encyclopedia WHO IS WHO IN POLAND. Realization of her projects were repeatedly shown in the TV program 'Maya in the Garden" TVN. She was also invited by Polish National Television TVP 1 to the live program: "TVP1 in the gardens"

For her unique designs Agnieszka Hubeny-┼╗ukowaska won many awards worldwide including the silver winner A'DESIGN AWARD 2015-2016, second prize in the Tiananmen Square Landscape Architecture Competition in Beijing, China (2009) and honors in international competition SLANT GARDEN DESIGN AWARD, 2011.
In 2011, she received official thanks from the Mayor of Sopot City for the effort and commitment put in the investments main Square of Sopot.
With many travels and work, experience gained for several years in England, Agnes brought knowledge and inspiration which are visible in her projects. She designs mainly private gardens, landscape surrounding property outside the city, but also a public space and urban rooftops gardens. She has developed a unique, characteristic of her style, combining naturalistic sets of plants with even the most modern and avant-garde elements. In addition to the visual aspect of projects for designer, practicality, maintenance and comfort of the space are also extremely important.
home garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Oasis home garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Garden surrounding the historic willa in the city center. Long and narrow plot with height differences of 7m. Area was divided into 3 levels. The lowest front garden combine the requirements of the conservator and the modern garden. Second level: Recreation garden with two gazebos - on the roof of an underground pool and garage. Third level: Woodland children garden. The project aimed to divert attention from the noise of the city and turning toward nature. This is why garden has some interesting water features such as water stairs and the water wall.

Home garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Rapture Home garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Design of the garden of a medium-sized property with a hause. The isolation of the home and the garden from uninteresting neighborhood was the difficult task. The main problem was adjacent buildings with windows on the first floor. The aim was to create ecological, full of plants, flowers, bees and butterflies resting place. Places that could be area of garden therapy for the hard-working owners. Place for the cultivation of organic herbs and vegetables, a place for reading books and meeting with family.

Residential Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Inside Outside Residential Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Garden adjacent to the glass facade of a private residence. The challenge was to create a garden that will be associated with the interior of the living room, which will become its extension, will allow you to commune with nature. Greenery must fulfill aesthetic roles, but also block the view from the street, so that the residents have a sense of privacy inside the home. The central location of the window means that the garden must be interesting during the 4 seasons. In addition, in summer, the plants must give shade, and in the winter allow sunlight to the interior of the dining room.

Residential Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Shell Residential Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska The inspiration of the project of a private garden was the nearby sea and shells. A plot with beautiful views and with constantly blowing strong wind. Views drag the owners to the garden while the wind pushes them back home. The project set up a combination of these two opposing problems so that it would be a pleasure to be in the garden and enjoy the views. Multilayered planting of shrubs, ornamental grasses and trees created a shelter: lively wave surrounding the shell - sunken garden. terrace with a stone table and benches. In this way the heart of the garden was sheltered from the wind.

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Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska
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P: +48 58 3512512

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska is IDC member since 2016, with 8100 IDC rating.
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