Valentina Lin

VALENTINA LIN was founded by Valentina Salim on 2015. She is a Jakarta-based Fashion Designer and graduated from Raffles Design Institute Jakarta on March 2016 (Fashion Design Diploma) She loves drawing and she was attending a drawing course at a young age but she started designing a clothes when she was in High School. She didn't finish Senior High School and decided to attend a Fashion School on 2014 (Raffles Design Institute Jakarta) When she was in college, she found out that her specialty is sewing. Because of that, she started to study about couture technique. She likes to apply couture technique to both menswear and womenswear and she likes to make something that look aggressive.
Unisex Clothing by Valentina Lin

#infinitecreativity Unisex Clothing by Valentina Lin The #infinitecreativity collection is the result of hard work. Changing men point of view of their fashion. Simple is not enough, and it will never be. Brilliant creation were made, when you think outside the box. Why standing in the same place again and again? Be different, so people will recognise you. Be odd, so people will remember you. So be creative. This collection is inspired by Abstract Black & White and Shedding Snake. Two combination that make a brilliant design. Two combination that made it different. And it will be recognised, accepted, and remembered.

Contact Info

Valentina Lin
City 2 P1/7 Kalideres, West Jakarta
P: +6287885449797

Valentina Lin is IDC member since 2016, with 2024 IDC rating.
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