Alvaro De Ramón Murillo

I am a Graphic Design student who just graduated on February 2016. I'm against egos in graphic design and I focus on the product, not in myself, or that's what I want to show. For me, design has, by definition, a social application and i have to design for the people, not for myself. That's why I developed Signal Ethic, a pictographic system of food allergies for being used in food labeling, much simple and easy to use than the ones that currently exist and which improves the current legislation standards which just stipulate to use a different typeface in the allergens written on the packaging. This is not enough in a world which is globalized, where people from all countries travel. As Otto Neurath said "words divide, pictures unite".
Food Allergies Pictograms by Alvaro De Ramón Murillo

Signal Ethic Food Allergies Pictograms by Alvaro De Ramón Murillo Signal Ethic is an ultra-readable typography which includes 14 pictograms of the food allergies stipulated by the EU and the UN. It improves the actual global standards in food safety. As Otto Neurath once said "images unite, words divide". Pictograms and tourism are international. Moreover, eyesight problems are increasing, so Signal Ethic is thought also for that, bringing a typeface with extraordinary readability, even for people with cataracts. The 14 pictograms are included among the letters so it makes much easier and faster the fact of writing both text and pictograms.

Contact Info

Alvaro De Ramón Murillo
Toronja, 27, 6D
P: (+34)658792665

Alvaro De Ramón Murillo is IDC member since 2016, with 2019 IDC rating.
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