Xu Le

Xu Le is a co-founder of Hangzhou DAQIAO Home Design Studio, Hangzhou PUWU Design Company Co-Founder, ZHIJIANG COLLEGE OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGTY Industrial Design Teacher. In 2014, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance selected as a cultural and creative talent support program young design talent, won the award, including Germany Red Dot, IF, French Innovation Design Award,Red Star Award, Golden Award, successful design award, Taipei Design Award, Governor Cup, Master Award, Hibiscus Cup, including hundreds of domestic and foreign awards, to guide students to obtain dozens of industrial design awards, has been awarded the organization award and excellent instructor award, also won the "Guangdong Province 2016 ten outstanding industrial designers" Of the title.
A Multifunctional Stool by Xu Le

Square and Round A Multifunctional Stool by Xu Le The surface of the stool is made up of transparent acrylic, which can well show the internal structure and bring the new visual experience for people. When you put the stool surface straightly, it will be a very light one; When you put the stool surface upside down, it will be a side table and can put keys or some other small objects that may easy to lost inside. The connected method is using traditional double dovetail key structure, without any “metal connection”. If you get the key point you can dismount it by hand, and you will enjoy by your thinking and doing.

Chair by Xu Le

Smile Chair by Xu Le The backrest of the chair is like a slightly raised corner of the mouth, hence the name "Smile - Chair". The armrests, front legs, and rear legs of the laughing chair are visually like a piece of wood that has been split and grown, reflecting the concept of growth of everything. The delicate lines of the armrest and backrest are like silk, light and supple, full and exquisite, and extremely tension, and create a special shadow effect.

Desk by Xu Le

Double Ten Desk by Xu Le Mainly made of bamboo and wood, matched with metal, simple and fashionable, skillful use of mortise and tenon, full of strong visual impact. The Double Ten Desk integrates aesthetics and structure highly, and skillfully uses mortise and tenon connection and lever principle in structure. The product itself does not have any metal connectors, and can be disassembled and assembled by hand. Flat design can greatly reduce transportation costs and is very suitable for sales on the Internet.

Self Assembled Seat by Xu Le

V Stool Self Assembled Seat by Xu Le V Stool is designed for the characteristics of the post 90s life, made of solid wood materials, simple and stylish, clever use of tenon and mortise work, full of strong visual impact. V Stool integrates the aesthetics and structure highly, The structure uses the elasticity of the wood itself to innovate the design, and then combines with the dovetail lock. The product itself does not have any connecting parts, and can be disassembled and installed with bare hands. The flat design can greatly reduce the transportation cost and is very suitable for sale on the Internet.

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Xu Le

Xu Le is IDC member since 2020, with 8136 IDC rating.
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