Yiyuan Ding

First Name : YIYUAN,Last Name: DING
,Member of ico-D,Sex: Female
,Birthday/Age: 01-12-1993
/ 22,Majior:Visual Communication Design. I set up his own studio in 2016. Oftentimes, I do some experimental designs. If there is a new idea appearing in my brain , I'll make it come ture. Normally I would pay more attention to social hot issues, such as anti-war or problems of China's atmosphere. And also I participated in some events about calling for protection of atmospheric environment design activities. My works conten posters or drawing were showed in some exhibitions and contents in China or some other countries often.
type , font , graphic , design , latin by Yiyuan Ding

Hairtype type , font , graphic , design , latin by Yiyuan Ding This font was made from the long hair of a girl. To combining the long hair with the Latin alphabet might born a different appearance from some common typography. The girl's long hair and stroke of the characters gave the designer the inspiration. And the long hair is soft and convenient to make back and forth to make some patterns. This patterns could be looked like the Latin alphabet. Using a camera to take photos and designing the patterns by photoshop were the production technology of the work. The project started in October 2015 in Xian and finished in January 2016 in Yangzhou.

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Yiyuan Ding
Room 509,Building102,KangTai Court, Kangle XinCun, Hanjiang Neighborhood, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China P.R.

Yiyuan Ding is IDC member since 2016, with 2024 IDC rating.
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