Miroslav Stiburek

Miro is a perfectionist and dilligent autodidact who has dedicated his life to exploring his passion for aesthetics, sociology, philosophy, creativity and self-expression.
Watch by Miroslav Stiburek

Slixy Watch by Miroslav Stiburek The watch were designed to be minimalistic, yet elegant and respect the tradition of watches with its simple hands, marks and rounded shape, while pushing the boundaries with the use of colour and a suggestive brand name. Attention was paid to the materials and properties as well as design, as the end customer today wants it all - good design, good price and quality materials. The watches comprise of sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel for the case, quartz movement made by a swiss company Ronda, 50m water resistance and a coloured leather strap to finish it off.

Shot glass by Miroslav Stiburek

Flourishing Shot glass by Miroslav Stiburek The Flourishing Shot is a piece of glassware designed for our flourishing society. The glass is a standard 0.04L shot that is produced in a crystal clear version as well as various colours achieved through glass colouring. The profile is made from a dodecagonal shape that naturally transitions from small to large diameters and vice versa, making a custom sculpture resembling a flower. The reason for choosing a dodecagon was its twelve sides, to represent each month of the year. The goal was to provide people with the possibility to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverage with a touch of art.

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Miroslav Stiburek
Masarykovo namesti 156
P: +420777209307

Miroslav Stiburek is IDC member since 2016, with 4044 IDC rating.
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