Vadym Solovyov

sho(r)t story about Vadym Solovyov:
engineer for education, positive person for everyone, creative artist for...ever. He has still not written a child, planted a book, or given birth to a tree. In art he is close to conceptualism (mostly installations) and performance art. His graphic design* communication based on double meaning, symbolic, playful language. Focus on editorial illustration, cover and poster design, cultural communication. He looks for narrative scenarios and esthetics in close scope, related to the everyday experience. Now based in Barcelona, being continuously visitor to Warsaw.
*design is U(nusual)
Poster  by Vadym Solowski

No Signal Poster by Vadym Solowski It is more than just a poster. It is a protest. Protest against the system in places, that are filled with (f)ear, full of control of private li(f)e. For example, in Russia "freedom of speech" means: you can say anything you want, but silently. "Private life" means: you can do whatever you want behind closed doors, but for you will spy. So this is not just the poster. It is call to fight for a world, where is No Signal for "Big Brother".

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Vadym Solovyov
Carrer Farn├ęs, 6, 3/2a

Vadym Solovyov is IDC member since 2016, with 2019 IDC rating.
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