Kevin Javier Fonseca Laverde

Is an enthusiastic and social quality advocate who loves learning about different disciplines. Some of his major achievements is the development of projects that have had an impact on society as Sonoro project and Design and Conflict project. He enjoy collaborating with people of different cultures to answer through design and projects in real world contexts. He contribute providing, developing and sharing new projects in the environment in which it lives thinking globally and also looking for international opportunities.

Statement of art: Design is a tool that help integrate fields of research through the development of objects or services in a holistic manner. Design shouldn't be oblivious to the dynamics of today, for a majority is being understood as a commercial medium that is focused on the capital system, rejecting his versatile knowledge and tool axis that integrates interdisciplinary way disciplines and in the future can be, thanks to other areas of knowledge, an axis of transversal construction of culture and society.
Public sound furniture by Kevin Fonseca Laverde

Sonoro Public sound furniture by Kevin Fonseca Laverde "Sonoro" is a project based on the change of the idea of public furniture, through the design and development of public sound furniture in Colombia (percussion instrument). This changes, stimulates and generates the recreation and the inclusion of cultural practices developed by the community in order to express themselves due to their cultural diversity that allows to empower the elements of their identity. It is a furniture which generates a space for interaction and socialization between the different users (residents, tourists, visitors and students) around the intervened area.

Contact Info

Kevin Javier Fonseca Laverde
Kilómetro 18 Autopista norte
110831 - 110831135
P: (057) 3124818506

Kevin Javier Fonseca Laverde is IDC member since 2016, with 2019 IDC rating.
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