Masaki Matsukawa

I'm the producer who sends Japanese fashion to the world. The selection shop where the brands with which I participate in the past and Tokyo collection were collected was being managed in Kyoto. I developed the denim made with 100% Japanese paper in 2014 and attracted attention by Europe and Japan. It's a house brand, is the brand using the new leather and is watched by the world this time.
Bag by Masaki Matsukawa

DUREN Crinkle leather Bag by Masaki Matsukawa The material has a natural texture, is water dyed and has leather steering. The leather was thinned to 0.4 mm similar to the thickness of gloves and it is part of the series that uses the DUREN original material "crinkle leather" that adhered to the genuine aluminum foil in its own process. The original material crinkle leather is made in Japan and it has a unique feature shape memory material

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Masaki Matsukawa
P: +81-75-286-8144
F: +81-75-286-8144

Masaki Matsukawa is IDC member since 2016, with 2024 IDC rating.
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