Karma J: Johanna Abchee

A contemporary and eclectic mirror designer based in Beirut and Dubai, Karma J is about finding yourself through reflections with each collection being a character in a story. Combining design from practical and pure Swedish design with Oriental patterns and folklore, bringing a modern twist to the traditional ways.
Mirror by Karma J

The Rebel Mirror by Karma J The Rebel is a journey from within yourself.A mirror that reflects on the roots, the individuality and the authentic journey in life.The design is a pink copper frame with a corresponding copper tint mirror, which gives a warm reflection. Delicately carved within the mirror is an elegant arabesque pattern, the tattoo that symbolises individuality. The weight is lighter as most of the back is removed and reused again. Karma J is represented in Beirut and Dubai through renown concept and department stores. An on-going solo exhibition is held at La Serre Dubai.

Contact Info

Karma J: Johanna Abchee
Citymall Dora highway 14
999 99
P: +9611905000
F: +9611905555

Karma J: Johanna Abchee is IDC member since 2016, with 2031 IDC rating.
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