Alex Bazyl

My product is a comfortable personal environment creating a harmony of the inner and outer world. A key component of the objects, things and the interior that I create is their impact of the quality of life.
Mini apartment  by Alex Bazyl

Violet Crystal Mini apartment by Alex Bazyl Designer Aleksey Bazyl used streamlined forms in the studio apartment project to create a very comfortable living space. The small floor area was increased by attaching the panorama balcony to the overall area. The ceiling and floor patterns create a visual isolation of the room. The bedroom zone is isolated from the dressing area with a built-in closet, and a transformable curtain isolates the living room. The bathroom has a built-in window to fill its interior with natural light.

Studio apartment by Alex Bazyl

Dynamic space Studio apartment by Alex Bazyl Designer Aleksey Bazyl is the author of a project of a one-room apartment in a high-end apartment block. The objective was to optimize the space: merge the hall, the kitchen and living room, and isolate the bedroom with a work table, the dressing area and the bathroom. An important decision was applying streamlined forms in the designof room. The arrangement of the windows defines the zones of primary premises and the bedroom. The concave and the convex parts of the walls and furniture play both a decorative and functional role. The kitchen has a mobile part and transformed.

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Alex Bazyl
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Alex Bazyl is IDC member since 2017, with 4045 IDC rating.
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