Ada Wong

Ada Wong, as an independent designer, engages in the design of Internet-related projects. In the process of cooperation, she can provide in-depth insights for customers thanks to the diversification of project content she designed, as well as a wealth of practical experience. In 2014, she established a studio and advocated the experience value of Internet project in the business activities dominated by the design.
Corporate Identity by Ada Wang

Go Work Corporate Identity by Ada Wang This is an IT startup-themed café. The design is the cartoon character of a puppy wearing glasses. The whole logo composes different elements and these can be grouped into different styles according to requirements, thus the style is flexible and unified. GO WORK means go to work, and its Chinese homonym means doghouse, it implied meaning chaotic office. This puppy gives people positive and optimistic impression, always enthusiastic and never give up.

Corporate Identity by Ada Wang

Flower+ Corporate Identity by Ada Wang This is a logo designed for an online flower shop. The design uses flowers as a graphic representation, clearly and intuitively conveying the product type sold in the shop. The designer uses a top-down symmetrical triangle design with distinct curvy variance, which visually presents a sense of solidity as well as a cheerfulness.

Contact Info

Ada Wong
Wending Road No. 199/2 floor
Xuhui District
P: 86 + 18121028955
F: 8664282012

Ada Wong is IDC member since 2017, with 4040 IDC rating.
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