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Snorre Stinessen is the owner of Stinessen Arkitektur a Norwegian based architecture and design studio, with projects in several different countries. The works of Stinessen has received several prestigious awards and international coverage.
Hospitality, Sport, Hotel, Wellness/Spa by Snorre Stinessen

Manshausen Island Resort Hospitality, Sport, Hotel, Wellness/Spa by Snorre Stinessen The resort off the coast in Northern Norway is situated in an impressive natural scenery, which inspired the conceptual design of the cabins to provide a welcome shelter from the harsh climate, while the cantilevered glass structure gives a feeling of floating on the sea. A naked, but respectful, exposure to the natural elements on the outside. With time and weathering the wood will turn silver grey, like the natural colors of the landscape around. The cabins where carefully placed to provide individual privacy while leaving the existing landscape untouched.

Family retreat by Snorre Stinessen

Malangen Family retreat by Snorre Stinessen The Malangen retreat explores in particular the values of the different activities in everyday life through the interaction between spaces and functions. Each function and activity have been organised in separate volumes which are connected by in-between spaces. These in-between spaces have a primary function of separating activities and spaces, but also symbolises a journey between each activity. The main goal of the design is to bring to light values that are often forgotten in a hectic life and also highlight the connection and respect to the nature around us.

Cabin by Snorre Stinessen

Efjord Cabin by Snorre Stinessen The cabin in Efjord is designed to interact with the natural terrain and provide its owners with both panoramic views of the landscape, but also total privacy. The conceptual layout of two volumes addressing opposite directions underline this, but also reflects both the natural surroundings and the functional requirements. The site is set between majestic mountains with famous climbing routes and a panoramic panorama over the fiord.

Resort by Snorre Stinessen

Manshausen2 Resort by Snorre Stinessen Manshausen 2 was completed May 2018 and part of Manshausen Island Resort. 3 new cabins were built at the north end of the island. A central pond of seawater has been established as a private lake for a new sauna built with left over material on the Island. The cabins are positioned out above the sea and enjoy a dramatic connection to landscape and panoramic views across the ocean. The sauna is somewhat more protected centrally on the Island, but is also surrounded by the same majestic landscape.

Modular House by Snorre Stinessen

Nestt Modular House by Snorre Stinessen The NESTT is a modular house transportable in 2x40ft containers. Optimised for delivery and installation worldwide; insulation and technical installations make it suitable for most environments and anything from +50 to -30* Celsius. Fully self-sustained; energy, water and waste management, self-levelling installation minimises footprint. All elements detail designed to meet the highest quality standards and the unit is delivered fully furnished and with all interiors by B&B Italia. Prepared for various extensions over time. NESTT proves modular small houses can be high-end in all details.

Gondola by Snorre Stinessen

Narvik Top Station Gondola by Snorre Stinessen The Narvik ski resort is located directly above the city centre and is characterised by a very steep height to length ratio - from a 1000 meter above sea level all the way down to the sea. The new gondola brings the skiers up to the mountain top. The gondola top station is custom designed for the gondola functional requirements and the harsh climatic conditions, but also to form an integrated part of the overall Narvik Arctic Resort design strategy.

Chalet by Snorre Stinessen

Lyngen Aurora Chalet by Snorre Stinessen The Aurora Lodge is delicately positioned on a natural plateau, sloping artfully down to the sea and rocky beachfront, with undisturbed views over the Arctic Ocean’s Norwegian Sea and across remote islands in the distance. The property is typified by a gentle creek that routes along the pathway to the Lodge, and under it, between the annex and the sauna. Aurora Lodge is situated in the Lyngen Alps, Norway. The lodge is designed to ensure undisturbed connection with the surrounding nature, combined with complete privacy and follows the slope of the existing terrain.

Chalet by Snorre Stinessen

Aurora Lodge Chalet by Snorre Stinessen Located in the remote Lyngen Alps, this project is partly private retreat and a small lodge. Organized within a main structure comprising two units and terraces, a separate suite and a sauna across the creek. With respect for the nature the design endeavors to complement the site, with the main building stretching out across the natural plateau, just behind a single line of trees. High ceilings and seamless glass walls invite the sky and landscape into the building. All interiors are custom designed to form a holistic experience between the outdoors and comfort of the sheltered indoors.

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