LAAR is a mexican design and architecture studio run by Cecilia Alcocer and Diego Lizama. Their work powers the architectural thinking in order to understand life and take a prospective look to the future, always questioning the current arguments so the spectrum of alternative universal solutions expands through conceptual experimentation. Their conceptual approach is based on understanding the design as an opportunity of change, in order to transform and evolve the living space through the reformulation of current approaches, accomplishing to find different alternative to what currently exists. Their workspace is described as a vital space open to all the possibilities in which their work can transcend life itself.
Work Table by Andrea Cecilia Alcocer Carrillo

Timbiriche Work Table by Andrea Cecilia Alcocer Carrillo The design looks to reflect the continuously changing life of the contemporary man in a polyvalent and inventive space that with a single surface conformed by absence or presence of the pieces of wood that slide, remove or placed, offers an infinity of possibilities to organize the objects in a work space, assuring permanence in the custom created places and that respond to the needs of each moment. The designers are inspired by the traditional timbiriche game, remaking the essence of accommodating the matrix of personal movable points that provides a playful space to the workplace.

Contact Info

15 No. 463 Montejo
P: 019999273078

Laar is IDC member since 2017, with 2041 IDC rating.
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