Nina Lieven

Studio Lievens main interest is in re-imagining the nature and re-constructing it through the human perceptual vehicles, like geometry and science.
To understand nature scientifically human need to construct a system that divides its complexity and explains it.
Having that in mind this work tries to re-imagine the concept of natural phenomenon and re-construct them into every-day objects.
Dividing nature and its phenomenon into bits and pieces and re-assembling it understandable, usable and relatable objects is the methodology of the work.
“Natural phenomena are the inspiration for my projects. It matters out of what the object consists and how it is created. My main goal is to create experience-objects that connect it to something other than the human world.”
Adjustable movable lamp by Nina Lieven

inMOOV Adjustable movable lamp by Nina Lieven inMOOV is a ceiling lightening device. The unique feature of this lamp is its ability to folds itself inside out. This movement is based on the invention of the Invertible Disc of Studio Lieven and inspired by the movement of a flower when it opens. Through the movement of the lampshade it is possible to regulate the intensity and the direction of the light. The fully opened lamp creates a soft light directed to the ceiling. The folded lamp creates more focused and warm light that illuminates the space underneath it. The movement can be done by hand.

Contact Info

Nina Lieven
Alt-Stralau 60
P: Germany

Nina Lieven is IDC member since 2017, with 2041 IDC rating.
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