Wu xuandong

Graduate design tutor of the 2012 grade art design department of Heilongjiang Oriental Institute
China and the tutor of the national design of the point charge system
Members of the New York International Association for art guidance (ADC)
Won the "global Chinese name - surname cultural and creative design exhibition" poster one hundred outstanding works
The Fourth Symposium on visual communication in Cyprus
Won the golden, gold and silver awards of the Chinese creative design year
Blank poster exhibition in Munich, Germany
Collection of "Chinese creative design yearbook 2016-2017"
TOYKO TDC.27, Tokyo TDC Yearbook
The eleventh annual APD Asia Pacific Design Yearbook
Invited international Chinese design posters Invitational Exhibition
The works are on display at the Lang Art Museum in Korea
Czech Prague Poster Biennale
Blank Poste posters
Invited Asia Pacific outstanding Poster Design Invitational Exhibition
Invited Asia Pacific preeminent design Poster Exhibition
The works and individuals are interviewed and published in the CTA Asian creative dialogue
Chinese character image poster exhibition and China Japan Korea Chinese Character Design Forum
The works are displayed at the Xi'an art museum today
The works on display in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Yao two art district C5
The works are on display at the University of Applied Science and technology in Tainan, Taiwan
The works are on display at the Fukuda Shigeruo Museum of art, Taiwan
The eleventh annual Biennale for the international graphic design of the Moscow Golden Bee
The fourth Hiiibrand international brand logo design competition
The works are on display in Chengdu Rongcheng Art Museum
Won the Sixteenth National Design "Master Award" award
The ninth session of the APD Asia Pacific Design Yearbook
Won bronze, silver award of China creative design
The fifth academic year exhibition of Chinese college art works
China Designer Association "Chinese Design Yearbook collection 2013"
Won the fourteenth annual platinum creative national college Plane Design Competition Award
CDA "Chinese creative design yearbook 2012"
By the Chinese Designers Association 2012 annual creative design award
By the Chinese green times "on public signs of giant panda Award Finalist
Eighth volumes of Chinese designer Yearbook
Chinese character image, Font aesthetics by xuandong wu

Concept of Chinese characters Chinese character image, Font aesthetics by xuandong wu The work is basis on the dot and line of modern aesthetics, redesigning the form of chinese characters. Chinese characters is evolved from graphics (pictographs), which is crystallization of ancient Chinese art and wisdom. The work is a combination of visual aesthetics and the culture of Chinese character. Also the word also the form, do not investigate its righteousness.

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Wu xuandong
The city of Yanji Road No. 128 building 23 layer of excellence
P: +86 18562796096
F: 中国

Wu xuandong is IDC member since 2018, with 2026 IDC rating.
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